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June 2018 - eNewsletter

Update from the VMHILN Coordinator - Rika Delaney

There are a lot of things going on within the network at the moment and I just wanted to update everyone on a couple of things we have done in the last few months. At our May meeting Emma Cadogan (DHHS) and Lorna Downes (Carer Workforce Development Coordinator) attended prior to the commencement of the meeting for a candid chat with the lived experience members about workforce direction. Many thanks to those members who were able to come early and I hope your questions and the conversations that occurred have helped you. Emma and Lorna stayed for the first half hour of our network meeting and updated all attendees about the work being done in our sector. Members are encouraged to refer to the below link for more information:

Emma, Lorna and the new Consumer Workforce Development Coordinator (who hasn’t been finalised as yet) have agreed to attend our meetings on a regular basis to update us.

In April Jo, Henrique and I attended the first meeting with Change Agent Network (CAN) to establish if there was a place and need for a cross sector project between our network and CAN with support from DHHS. After that meeting which involved a brain storming activity, we agreed to a co-design workshop to be held in June. The day was very productive. We work-shopped three ideas that had been identified in the previous meeting. Some of the areas discussed were relationship building between AOD intake and MH triage, understanding the AOD sector better and utilising the peer workforce to challenge stigma and instill hope.

Our next step is for the governance committees of both networks to meet with DHHS to discuss the work plan that came from the key themes and the future project. We will have an update after that meeting has occurred.

May meeting

We had a great turn out for our May meeting. As Rika has already mentioned we had Emma and Lorna present. For the leadership activity, Violeta Peterson provided a brief run through of Growth Mind Set.

Our next meeting is 17th July. Cath Roper (Consumer Academic) from the Centre of Psychiatric Nursing will be our guest speaker. She will be talking about the new co-production resource.

Chief Psychiatrist's Treatment Planning Guideline

The Treatment Planning guideline has been submitted to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist. The guideline has been reviewed by several key stakeholders including the Mental Health Tribunal, The Independent Mental Health Advocacy and consumers and carers working in DHHS. In response to feedback we are now drafting a community version of the treatment planning template. The draft generated a lot of robust discussion at the Network meeting in May, in particular there was a lot of discussion about the term "treatment" versus care and recovery. The VMHILN sought advice from Daniel O'Conner (deputy Chief Psychiatrist). Daniel referred to the definition of treatment according to the Mental Health Act 2014 and said the OCP would support the use of the term treatment.

Induction program

We have ten people enrolled to complete the induction program into the VMHILN. We have representatives from the Alfred, Bendigo, Mid West, North West Area, Inner West and St Vincents. The second day of induction is a workshop on Managing Up and Managing Change. The workshop will be facilitated by Learn4Results. We have opened the workshop up to existing VMHILN members and members of the Change Agent Network.

Steering committee positions

Kylie Boucher has resigned from the Network. She has taken on the role of Project Lead for the new Centre for Mental Health Learning Vic. We would like to congratulate Kylie on her new role and to thank her for her huge contribution to the Network. Kylie has been instrumental in the establishment of our Network.

Catherine Harrison from St Vincent's has been nominated as the new Secretary for the VMHILN. We warmly welcome Catherine. Catherine is an Occupational Therapist by trade and has recently taken on the role of Senior Clinician in the Complex Care program for St Vincent’s Mental Health. After starting her work life in a medium secure forensic setting for the National Health Service UK, Catherine decided to experience life, work and the food of Melbourne. Prior to her career at St Vincent’s, Catherine developed valuable experience working with females with severe mental illness at Forensicare, sparking an interest in trauma informed practice. Catherine has a special interest in embedding client centered, innovative approaches in her practice including sensory modulation, and is committed to advocating for and providing best care to diverse client groups. We are very fortunate to have Catherine on our Steering Committee.

The role of Deputy Secretary will become vacant in October, please consider if this role may be of interest to you.

Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship

Congratulations to Catherine Bennett from the Alfred. She has been selected for the Australian Mental Health Leaders Fellowship. Catherine has also been selected to complete the placement component of the fellowship at the Australian Mental Health Commission in Canberra. It will be great to hear about this program from Catherine. Well done!

TheMHS 2018

Bec Mackay from Werribee Mercy and Emma Dorn from MidWest were the successful applicants to represent the VMHILN at TheMHS. We look forward to their tweets and report back at the September meeting. The VMHILN will also present about the work they have done for the OCP in the re-writing of two clinical guidelines. The paper will focus on the collaborative process and involvement of all professions.

Congratulations to Dr Anoop from Ballarat Health Service

VMHILN member Dr Anoop has taken on the role of Director of Clinical Services at Ballarat Mental Health Service.

Dr Anoop was a participant of Cohort 4 in 2017. Dr Anoop spoke very highly of the program and has said the program helped him to see his leadership potential.

“To me it has come as a surprise… I was never thinking of stepping into the ‘disequilibrium’ of leadership roles. However, with a few months of contact and training with VMHLIN, I gathered the skills to accept the anxiety and uncertainty of the leadership role. I am now able to see things from the “balcony” and use the ‘JOHARI” window. This transformation has given me confidence to take up the leadership role in my service. Thank you.” Dr Anoop Raveendran Nair Lalitha


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Jo Stubbs